How to install and use Android Auto in Malaysia for Honda CRV 2018

1) In Malaysia, the Google Play store in Android phone has disabled the download and installation of " Android Auto" apps saying that it's not available in Malaysia.

2) But you can download the "Android Auto" Apk from other site besides Google like in AppMirror
or Androidsappsfree.

3) Install the Android Auto app on your phone, if unable to install you probably have to go to the phone setting and set the Installation of 3rd party apps to "on."

4) Enable the Android Auto on the Honda CRV 2018 infortainment panel and plug in your phone to the usb socket with a smartphone sign on it.

5) it should work fine and you can either select Waze or Google Maps for navigation.


3 RAR in Malaya and Borneo 1965

During the confrontation war in Borneo, show glimpses of Bau area, Siniawan town and Batu Kitang Ferry.


The old Bau Dispensary

Fot those older generations, the old Bau Dispensary used to be the main and only medical centre in town. We used to say visiting "drug bottle" in Hakka. It is located on top of a hill on the Lundu Road with the old army camp behind which is now has become a jungle.

However, since the new Bau Hospital has been set up along the same road, the old dispensary has been closed and kept for other purposes.  More recently, it has been rumoured as haunted by student ghosts.   Possibly due to the numerous bodies placed there overnight for identification after the 1979 Bau Lake bus tragedy.  A group of workers who camped overnight at the dispensary was disturbed during their sleep according to rumour.

Until today, the building still standing tall opposite the Chinese cemetery.


Siniawan old town, 新荛湾古镇

留下的几间杂货店,咖啡店,民宿, 静静的营业着。
那熟悉的客家乡音, 还有那浓厚的人情味。



Fairy Caves, Bau

The Bau Fairy Caves is located off the main road to Krokong. Interior of the caves after climbling a flight of staircases and through a dark tight entrance. Better to bring torchlight or using the handphone light.




自重建后, 高高在上的新庙逃过了被淹的冏境。徬晚亮灯后也变的更加靓丽。